Slimmer of the Month!

So, after my gain of 2lbs last week (due to changing from morning to evening sessions) I have had a great week.  I have established that my weight can vary 3lbs from morning to evening in one day.  I had a good week with a couple of meals that were slightly off plan, and I lost 4.5lbs!

My total weightloss is now -12.5lbs in 5 weeks.  I am so super happy about this and I feel very motivated after also receiving the ‘Slimmer of the Month’ certificate!  Admittedly it is only a small group, but I’ll take what I can get!!  I am hoping next week for at least -1.5lbs so that I reach my first stone!  I am going to take my measurements next week and see if I have lost any inches in 6 weeks.

Recipes I tried this week included Chinese style pulled pork, another KFC fakeaway version and Crab cakes.  The pulled pork was a great hit with my husband, but it didn’t quite do it for me.  The KFC was too hard and not too great and the crab cakes were a total fail.  I am taking away experience from this though, at least I tried! I know they aren’t great, so I will move on and try something else!

I am still not bored of apples and have still been having 4 a day, and my jacket potato for lunch is still a daily thing.  I haven’t got bored of them, and I am hoping that I don’t!  Its the chocolate and crisps that I miss!  I haven’t had Coca – Cola cravings which is a massive step, I could esily drink 6 cans a day, which I think was the cause of my headaches in week 2.  Sugar withdrawl is a real thing, and I believe I was addicted to Coke.

I feel so motivated to do this.  I am planning my days and nights around my food and thinking ahead, making it easier to stay on plan.  Even the couple of times I deviated off plan last week I still made relatively good choices.  Slimming world is a lifestyle change; not a diet.

I visited the gym 4 times last week, but have only been once this week *whoops*  I am hoping to find the motivation to go today, I have plenty of time I am just being a bit lazy with it


Feeling excited

Well, I’ve been pretty darn good this week, bearing in mind 4 weeks ago I was eating enough for 2 people and not moving enough.  I am now on my way to my first stone lost, I will get there either this week or next week 😀  I put on 2lbs at Slimming worl dthis week, mainly because I swapped from a morning weigh in to an evening session so my Mum could join me.  If i had been weighed in the morning, my scales told me i would have lot 1.5lb.  Im not bitter, im not sad, it just shows how much i vary depending on the time of day.  My aim this week again is 2lb loss which will take me into my new stone zone, if i can get 4lb loss I will have achieved my 1 stone loss.  My mission is to lose 2 st by my holiday on 12th Sept.

Ive had no naughtiness so far since Wednesday, and am doing well with my cooking.  Im kind of enjoying i, but not liking the pressure that if it goes wrong, im a bit stuck for what to eat!  Tonight we are trying a slow cooker Chinese style pork, which is already cooking, and i have already decided i don’t like the smell.  I guess I will have to figure out what to replace it with! I will be making egg fried* rice using frylight to go with it 😉

i still ache like a bitch, but am enjoying being in a routine this week.  Wed/Sat will be my days off to recover.  Ive always had a flat bum, like completely the opposite of Kim K.  I can already see and feel a difference, which is a massive encouragement.  Why has it taken me 30 years to discover it?


Man I ache.  My arms ache, my shoulders ache, my chest aches and my legs ache.  I guess it shows the gym is working, but it makes it hard to get motivated to go again today!!  I might give it a miss today, and have today as my rest day!

Its my 3rd weigh in at Slimming World tonight.  I am not looking forward to it as I am swapping from a morning group to an evening group.  When I weighed myself this morning I had lost 1.5lbs this week, but I know that wont show tonight after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Im swapping as my Mum wants to come with me, so I’m treating this week as a bit of an ignore one, and move on to next week which will show a good week on week loss hopefully.

Dinner last night (the Shepherds Pie Jackets) were amazing! check out yesterdays entry for the link.  I will make them again for sure!  Tonight I am trying Chicken and Potato curry *fingers crossed its OK!*

Today has been a day of drawing and sitting a lot, so it was nice to go out after lunch and walk Freddie my Border Collie ❤  Its muggy and sticky, but I love him and it makes me so happy to see him out roaming free, he loves it!


Slimming World

Before I start rambling, I will say Hi.  I am Sarah, 30, married, dog mummy (hopefully baby mummy one day soon), illustrator and dog carer.  I have been overweight all of my adult life and have struggle with other diets before.

I started Slimming World nearly 3 weeks ago now and have so far lost 10lbs 😀  I have been pretty focused, except a couple of social events have shown me how much my willpower sucks!  In one weekend we went to an engagement party in Canary Wharf, and then a family BBQ.  Both days involved alcohol, and this was my issue.  I am not a big drinker at all, I normally drive and never really feel the need to drink.  Obviously when I do drink, I need to work on restraint!

*note to self* These things are not flaws, just things I need to work at!

Pinterest has become my new go to place for recipes, as I can keep them all together, and its super easy!  Most of the recipes I have used have turned out great!  Today’s meal plan is

Breakfast – Weetabix Crunchy Bran and semi skimmed milk

Lunch – I am going to try a kind of Spanish omelette….hopefully this one

Dinner – I am aiming for Shepherds Pie Jackets from here with some raw carrot (Completely random, but I love grated raw carrot!)

I normally snack on apples, I have been having 4 a day since starting this, Pink Lady is my favourite, and I haven’t got bored of them yet! *fingers crossed*  I also will have a packet of Wotsits and a Muller Light toffee yoghurt at some point.

Its my weigh in day tomorrow, so I am having a super clean day, with a lot of water also. Increasing my water intake helps me so much!